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Examples of Changes can be Made to Your Oil Portrait

We can customize your portrait painting by merging different photos together, adding or
removing background and subjects to adjust to your preference.
PaintingsPal may NOT be able to accept your request for which our artists would not be fully confident of
producing an excellent, high quality portrait for a completely satisfied customer.

The changes include but are not limited to:

Changing Backgrounds

Original Photo to Change Background
Custom oil portrait (background changed) by PaintingsPal artist

Or on a plain studio background (you can choose any basic color you prefer, NO additional charge !)

Plain portrait background B1 - light blue/pink
Plain portrait background B2 - light dusty green/brown
Plain portrait background B3 - dark brown/red
Plain portrait background B4 - dark blue/brown
Plain portrait background B5 - medium blue/orange
Plain portrait background B6 - white/bluish-grey
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Turning Black & White Photos into Colorful Portraits

Original black & white photo
Colorful portrait turned from black & white photo by Paintings artist

Photo Restoration - Our artists can give your old photos new life! We can repair and restore old, faded or damaged photos

Original Old Photo
Oil Portrait from Old Photo

Painting you in a masterpiece - painted the baby in Sargent painting "Daughter of Edward Darley Boit"

put a subject in a masterpiece

Removing subjects or people/pets

Original Photo before Removing Subjects
Oil Portrait

Photo retouching and "glamorize". Correct/even skin tones, reduce/remove wrinkles, whiten teeth, brighten eyes.
The degree of retouching is up to you ! - within reason

Family Tree Original Photos 9(Female)
Combining people(pets/animals) or objects from different photos.

This is my specialty! Most of the portraits that I paint are composed of 2 or more separate photos. In creating an oil portrait of a group of uncooperative animals, I have worked from as many as 8 separate photos to acheive a unified beautiful portrait. You would never know that the animals weren't all just posed perfectly!

You may EMAIL me pictures to plan the portrait from and to find out how much a portrait would cost.

Below is an example of a family tree portrait in 118"x59" with 15 pcs of stretched canvases.

Family Tree Oil Portrait Combined from 9 Different Photos of Family Members
Family Tree Original Photos 7(Female)
Family Tree Original Photos 8(Male)
Family Tree Original Photos 5(Female)
Family Tree Original Photos 6(Male)
Family Tree Original Photos 3(Female)
Family Tree Original Photos 4(Male)
Family Tree Original Photos 1(Female)
Family Tree Original Photos 2(Male)

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