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PaintingsPal has more than 40,000 different paintings and boasts the artwork of
more than 3,000 different masters and artists

Aagaard, Carl Frederic Danish Realism-Impressionism Painter 1833-1895
Abbema, Louise French Academic-Classicism Painter 1858-1927
Absolon, John  French Realism-Impressionism Painter 1815-1895
Achenbach, Andreas  German Realism-Naturalism Painter 1815-1910
Adam, Julius  German Realism-Naturalism Painter 1826-1874
Agasse, Jacques-Laurent Swiss Realism-Naturalism Painter 1767-1849
Albertinelli, Mariotto  Italian High Renaissance Painter 1474-1515
Alexander, John White  American Symbolism Painter 1856-1915
Alken, Henry Thomas  British Realism-Naturalism Painter 1785-1851
Allustante, Joaquin Pallares y  Spanish Realism-Impressionism Painter 1858-1935
Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence British Academic-Classicism Painter 1836-1912
Amaury-Duvall, Eugene French Academic-Classicism Painter 1808-1885
Anderson, Sophie French Pre-Raphaelites Painter 1823-1903
Ansdell, Richard British Realism-Naturalism Painter 1815-1885
Askevold, Anders Norwegian Realism-Naturalism Painter 1834-1900
Audubon, John James American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1785-1851
Bacon, Henry American Realism-Impressionism Painter 1839-1912
Barber, Charles Burton British Academic-Classicism Painter 1845-1894
Bard, James American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1815-1897
Barwell, John British Realism-Impressionism Painter 1798-1876
Bastida, Joaquin Sorolla y Spanish Realism-Impressionism Painter 1863-1923
Bastien-Lepage, Jules French Realism-Impressionism Painter 1848-1884
Bauernfeind, Gustave German Realism-Naturalism Painter 1848-1904
Bazille, Jean Frederic French Impressionism Painter 1841-1870
Beard, William Holbrook American Humorism Painter 1823-1900
Behmer, Hermann Fenner  German Academic-Classicism Painter 1866-1913
Bellini, Giovanni Italian High Renaissance Painter 1430-1516
Bellows, George American Impressionism Painter 1882-1925
Benoist, Marie-Guillemine  French Neoclassicism Painter 1768-1826
Beraud, Jean French Impressionism Painter 1849-1935
Berthon, Paul French Poster Painter 1872-1909
Bierstadt, Albert American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1830-1902
Bingham, Caleb American Realism-Impressionism Painter 1811-1879
Birch, Thomas American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1779-1851
Blinks, Thomas British Realism-Naturalism Painter 1860-1912
Bloch, Carl Heinrich Danish Academic-Classicism Painter 1834-1890
Bloemers, Arnoldus Dutch Realism-Naturalism Painter 1786-1844
Bluhm, Oscar German Impressionism Painter 1867-1912
Boccioni, Umberto Italian Abstract-Expressionism Painter 1882-1916
Bogdany, Jakob Hungarian Baroque Painter 1660-1724
Boldini, Giovanni Italian Academic-Classicism Painter 1842-1931
Bonheur, Rosa French Realism-Naturalism Painter 1822-1899
Bosschaert, Ambrosius the Elder Dutch Baroque Painter 1573-1621
Bossuet, Francois Belgian Realism-Impressionism Painter 1798-1889
Botticelli, Sandro Italian High Renaissance Painter 1445-1510
Boucher, Francois  French Rococo Painter 1703-1770
Boudin, Eugene  French Impressionism Painter 1824-1898
Bouguereau, Adolphe-William  French Academic-Classicism Painter 1825-1905
Bouguereau, Elizabeth Jane  American Academic-Classicism Painter 1837-1922
Boulanger, Gustave French Academic-Classicism Painter 1824-1888
Bource, Henri Jacques Belgian Academic-Classicism Painter 1826-1899
Bourland, Antoine Belgian Realism-Impressionism Painter 1826-1899
Boutibonne, Charles French Academic-Classicism Painter 1816-1897
Bradford, William American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1823-1892
Brandeis, Antonietta Austrian Realism-Impressionism Painter 1849-1920
Brewtnall, Edward British Pre-Raphaelites Painter 1846-1902
Bricher, Alfred Thompson American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1837-1908
Bridgeman, Frederick Arthur American Realism-Impressionism Painter 1847-1928
Brown, John George American Realism-Impressionism Painter 1831-1913
Brown, William Mason American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1828-1898
Browning, Robert Barrett British Academic-Classicism Painter 1846-1912
Bruegel, Jan Flemish Northern Renaissance Painter 1568-1625
Bruegel, Pieter the Elder Flemish Northern Renaissance Painter 1525-1569
Burne-Jones, Sir Edward Coley British Pre-Raphaelites Painter 1833-1898
Burton, Sir Frederic William Irish Academic-Classicism Painter 1816-1900
Buttersworth, James Edward American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1817-1894
Cabanel, Alexandre French Academic-Classicism Painter 1823-1889
Caillebotte, Gustave French Realism-Impressionism Painter 1848-1894
Canaletto, Giovanni Antonio Italian Rococo Painter 1697-1768
Capeinick, Jean Belgian Realism-Naturalism Painter 1838-1890
Caraud, Joseph French Academic-Classicism Painter 1821-1905
Caravaggio, Michelangelo Merisi da Italian Baroque Painter 1571-1610
Cardon, Claude French Realism-Impressionism Painter 1892-1915
Carlier, Modeste Belgian Realism-Impressionism Painter 1820-1878
Carlin, John American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1813-1891
Carrier-Belleuse, Pierre French Impressionism Painter 1851-1933
Cassatt, Mary American Impressionism Painter 1844-1926
Castiglione, Giuseppe Italian Realism-Impressionism Painter 1829-1908
Catala, Luis Alvarez Spanish Victorian-Neoclassicism Painter 1836-1901
Cezanne, Paul French Post-Impressionism Painter 1839-1906
Chapman, Conrad Wise American Realism-Impressionism Painter 1842-1910
Chase, William Merritt American Impressionism Painter 1849-1916
Cheret, Jules French Poster Painter 1836-1932 
Chevalier, Eugene-Adolphe French Realism-Impressionism Painter 19th Century
Chialiva, Luigi  Swiss Academic-Classicism Painter 1842-1914
Church, Frederic Edwin American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1826-1900
Clement, Gad Frederik Danish Realism-Impressionism Painter 1867-1933
Cobbett, Edward British Realism-Impressionism Painter 1815-1899
Cole, Thomas British/American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1801-1848
Coleman, William Stephen British Academic-Classicism Painter 1829-1904
Collier, Edwaert Dutch Baroque Painter 1640-1706
Collier, John British Academic-Classicism Painter 1850-1934
Constable,John British Realism-Impressionism Painter 1776-1837
Cooper, Thomas Sidney British Realism-Naturalism Painter 1803-1902
Cope, Charles West  British Academic-Classicism Painter 1811-1890
Copley, John Singleton American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1738-1815
Cot, Pierre-Auguste  French Academic-Classicism Painter 1837-1883
Cotman, Frederic British Realism-Naturalism Painter 1850-1920
Courbet, Gustave French Realism-Impressionism Painter 1819-1877
Crane, Walter British Impressionism Painter 1845-1915
Crome, John British Victorian-Romanticism Painter 1768-1821 
Cropsey, Jasper Francis American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1823-1900
Cross, Henri Edmond French Pointillism Painter 1856-1910
Cuitt, George British Realism-Naturalism Painter 1743-1818
Cunaeus, Conradyn  Dutch Realism-Naturalism Painter 1828-1895
Cuyp, Aelbert Dutch Baroque Painter 1620-1691
Da Vinci, Leonardo Italian High Renaissance Painter 1452-1519
Dalby, David British Realism-Naturalism Painter 1790-1849
David, Jacques-Louis French Neoclassicism Painter 1748-1825
Davies, Arthur Bowen American Expressionism Painter 1862-1928
De Blaas, Eugene Austrian Academic-Classicism Painter 1843-1931
De Champaigne, Phillipe Flemish/French Baroque Painter 1602-1674
De Chavannes, Pierre Puvis French Realism-Impressionism Painter 1824-1898
De Hondecoeter, Melchior Dutch Baroque Painter 1636-1695
De Hooch, Pieter  Dutch Baroque Painter 1629-1684
De Keghel, Desire Belgian Realism-Naturalism Painter 1839-1901
De La Fosse, Charles  French Baroque Painter 1636-1716
De La Fresnaye, Roger French Fauvism Painter 1885-1925
De Largilliere, Nicolas French Rococo Painter 1656-1746
De La Tour, Maurice Quentin French Rococo Painter 1704-1788
De Lelie, Adriaen  Dutch Neoclassicism Painter 1755-1820
De Longpre, Paul French/American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1855-1911
De Madrazo y Garreta, Raimundo Spanish Realism-Impressionism Painter 1841-1920
De Morgan, Evelyn British Pre-Raphaelites Painter 1855-1919
De Prades, Alfred Frank British Realism-Naturalism Painter 1820-1890
De Troy, Jean-Francois French Neoclassicism Painter 1679-1752
Degas, Edgar French Realism-Impressionism Painter 1848-1894
Deiker, Johannes Christian German Realism-Naturalism Painter 1822-1895
Delacroix, Eugene French Realism-Impressionism Painter 1798-1863
Delaroche, Paul  French Academic-Classicism Painter 1797-1856
Dicksee, Sir Frank  British Pre-Raphaelites Painter 1853-1928
Dietrich, Adelheid German Realism-Naturalism Painter 1827-1891
Dommelshuizen, Cornelis Dutch Realism-Naturalism Painter 1842-1928
Douglas, Edwin British Realism-Naturalism Painter 1848-1914
Draper, Herbert British Academic-Classicism Painter 1863-1920 
Drechsler, Johann  Austrian Realism-Naturalism Painter 1756-1811
Drouais, François-Herbert  French Neoclassicism Painter 1727-1775
Ducreux, Rose Adelaide  French Neoclassicism Painter 1761-1802
Dunning, Robert American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1829-1905
Dupre, Julien French Realism-Naturalism Painter 1851-1910
Durand, Asher Brown American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1796-1886
Durrie,George American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1820-1863
Dyckmans, Josephus Belgium Academic-Classicism Painter 1811-1888
Eakins, Thomas American Realism-Impressionism Painter 1844-1916
Eckersberg, Christoffer Wilhelm Danish Realism-Naturalism Painter 1783-1853
Eishi, Chobunsai Japanese Ukiyo-e Printmaker 1756-1829
Eishin, Choensai Japanese Ukiyo-e Printmaker 1726-1801
Eisho, Chokosai Japanese Ukiyo-e Printmaker 1726-1801
Eizan, Kikukawa Japanese Ukiyo-e Printmaker 1787-1867
Ekwall, Knut Swedish Realism-Naturalism Painter 1843-1912
Emms, John British Realism-Impressionism Painter 1841-1912
Engelhardt, Georg German Realism-Naturalism Painter 1823-1883
Epp, Rudolph German Realism-Impressionism Painter 1834-1910
Erdmann, Otto German Realism-Impressionism Painter 1834-1905
Fantin-Latour, Henri French Realism-Naturalism Painter 1836-1904
Farquharson, Joseph Scottish Realism-Naturalism Painter 1846-1935
Fildes, Samuel Luke British Realism-Impressionism Painter 1843-1927
Fischer, Paul Gustave  Danish Realism-Impressionism Painter 1860-1934
Flandrin, Hippolyte French Neoclassicism Painter 1809-1864
Flegel, Georg German Baroque Painter 1566-1638 
Forster, George German Realism-Naturalism Painter 1817-1896 
Fox, Emanuel Phillips Austrian Realism-Impressionism Painter 1865-1915
Fragonard, Jean-Honore  French Rococo Painter 1732-1806
Francis, John American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1808-1886
Frerichs, William Belgium Realism-Naturalism Painter 1829-1905
Frith, William Powell British Victorian-Neoclassicism Painter 1819-1909
Gainsborough, Thomas British Rococo Painter 1727-1788
Garzoni, Giovanna Italian Baroque Painter 1600-1670
Gauguin, Paul French Post-Impressionism Painter 1848-1903
Gericault, Theodore French Victorian-Romanticism Painter 1791-1824
Gerome, Jean-Leon French Academic-Classicism Painter 1824-1904
 Gilbert, Victor Gabriel  French Academic-Classicism Painter 1847-1933
Girardon, Francois French Baroque Painter 1628-1715
Godward, John William British Academic-Classicism Painter 1861-1922
Gottlieb, Maurycy Polish Realism-Impressionism Painter 1856-1879
Goubie, Jean Richard French Realism-Impressionism Painter 1842-1899
Gow, Mary British Realism-Impressionism Painter 1851-1929
Goya, Francisco de Spanish Rococo Painter 1746-1828
Grandjean, Edmond-Georges French Realism-Impressionism Painter 1844-1908
Grasset, Eugene Samuel French Poster Painter 1841-1917
Graves, Abbott Fuller  American Impressionism Painter 1859-1936
Grimshaw, John Atkinson  British Realism-Impressionism Painter 1836-1893
Gris, Juan Spanish Cubism Painter 1887-1927
Gros, Antoine-Jean French Neoclassicism Painter 1771-1835
Grun, Jules Alexandre French Poster Painter 1868-1934 
Guildry, Ferdinand French Impressionism Painter 1858-1922
Guy, Seymour Joseph American Realism-Impressionism Painter 1824-1910
Haigh-Wood, Charles British Realism-Impressionism Painter 1856-1927
Hale, Philip Leslie  American Impressionism Painter 1865-1931
Hall, George Henry  American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1825-1913
Hall, Harry British Realism-Naturalism Painter 1814-1882
Halle, Charles Edward British Realism-Impressionism Painter 1846-1914
Hammer, William Danish Realism-Naturalism Painter 1821-1889
Hamza, Johann German Victorian-Neoclassicism Painter 1850-1927
Hardy, Heywood British Realism-Impressionism Painter 1843-1933
Harlamoff, Alexi Russian Academic-Classicism Painter 1848-1915
Harnett, William Michael Irish/American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1848-1892
Hayez, Francesco Italian Neoclassicism Painter 1791-1882 
Hayter, John British Academic-Classicism Painter 1800-1891
Heade, Martin Johnson  American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1819-1904
Henry, Edward Lamson American Realism-Impressionism Painter 1841-1919
Herberte, Edward British Realism-Naturalism Painter 1857-1893
Hermansen, Olaf Danish Realism-Naturalism Painter 1849-1897
Herring, Sr., John Frederick British Realism-Naturalism Painter 1795-1865
Hicks, Edward American Folk Painter 1780-1849
Hofner, Johann Baptiste German Academic-Classicism Painter 1832-1913
Holbein, Hans-The Younger German Northern Renaissance Painter 1497-1543
Holbek, Johannes Danish Impressionism Painter 1872-1904
Homer, Winslow  American Impressionism Painter 1836-1910
Hughes, Arthur British Pre-Raphaelites Painter 1832-1915
Hughes, Edward Robert British Pre-Raphaelites Painter 1851-1917
Hughes, William British Realism-Naturalism Painter 1842-1901
Hunt, William Holman  British Pre-Raphaelites Painter 1827-1910
Ingres, Jean-Auguste Dominique  French Neoclassicism Painter 1780-1867
Inness, George American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1825-1894
Israels, Jozef Dutch Realism-Impressionism Painter 1824-1911
Jacobsen, Antonio Danish/American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1850-1921
Jeanniot, Pierre-Georges  French Realism-Impressionism Painter 1848-1934
Jensen, Johan Laurentz Danish Realism-Naturalism Painter 1800-1856
Jopling, Louise British Realism-Impressionism Painter 1843-1933
Jourdan, Adolphe French Neoclassicism Painter 1825-1889
Kate, Johan Mari Ten Danish Realism-Impressionism Painter 1831-1910
Kaufmann, Isidor Austrian Realism-Impressionism Painter 1853-1921
Keller, Ferdinand German Realism-Impressionism Painter 1842-1922
King, Henry John Yeend British Realism-Naturalism Painter 1855-1924
Klimt, Gustav Austrian Art Nouveau Painter 1862-1918
Knaus, Ludwig German Realism-Naturalism Painter 1829-1910
Koudelka-Schmerling, Pauline  Austrian Realism-Naturalism Painter 1806-1840
Knight, Daniel Ridgway American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1839-1924
Koch, Ludwig German Realism-Impressionism Painter 1866-1934
Koekkoek, Barend Cornelius Dutch Realism-Naturalism Painter 1803-1862
Koekkoek, Willem Dutch Realism-Naturalism Painter 1839-1895
Koester, Alexander German Realism-Impressionism Painter 1864-1932
Kroyer, Peter Severin  Norwegian/Danish Impressionism Painter 1851-1909
Kruseman, Frederk Marinus Dutch Realism-Impressionism Painter 1816-1882
Kuhnert, Friedrich Wilhelm German Realism-Naturalism Painter 1865-1926
Lacroix, Paul American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1831-1869
Lambdin, George Cochran American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1830-1896
Lancret, Nicolas French Rococo Painter 1690-1743
Landseer, Sir Edwin Henry British Realism-Naturalism Painter 1802-1873
Lane, Fitz Hugh American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1804-1865
Laux, August German Realism-Naturalism Painter 1847-1921
Lawrence, Sir Thomas British Neoclassicism Painter 1769-1830
Leader, Benjamin Williams British Realism-Naturalism Painter 1831-1923
Lefebvre, Jules-Joseph French Academic-Classicism Painter 1836-1911
Leighton, Edmund Blair  British Pre-Raphaelites Painter 1853-1922
Leighton, Lord Frederic  British Victorian-Neoclassicism Painter 1830-1896
Lemaire, Louis Marie French Realism-Naturalism Painter 1824-1910
Lemmen, Georges Belgian Art Nouveau Painter 1865-1916
Leslie, George Dunlop  British Victorian-Neoclassicism Painter 1835-1921
Lesourd-Beauregard, Ange Louis French Realism-Naturalism Painter 1800-1885
Lesrel, Adolphe Alexandre French Academic-Classicism Painter 1839-1921
Leutze, Emanuel Gottlieb German/American Neoclassicism Painter 1816-1868
Linard, Jacques  French Baroque Painter 1600-1645
Lorrain, Claude  French Baroque Painter 1600-1682
Loyeux, Charles Antoine Joseph French Realism-Naturalism Painter 1823-1893
Lynch, Albert Peruvian Realism-Impressionism Painter 1851-1912
Macke, August German Expressionism Painter 1887-1914
Maclise, Daniel Irish Pre-Raphaelites Painter 1806-1870
Maes, Eugene Remy Belgian Realism-Naturalism Painter 1849-1931
Maignan, Albert (-Pierre-Rene) French Realism-Impressionism Painter 1845-1908
Malevich, Kasimir  Ukranian Cubism Painter 1878-1935
Manet, Edouard French Realism-Impressionism Painter 1832-1883
Marc, Franz German Expressionism Painter 1880-1916
Marshall, Ben British Realism-Naturalism Painter 1768-1835
Martin, David British Neoclassicism Painter 1737-1798
Mengin, Charles August French Realism-Impressionism Painter 1853-1933
Merle, Hughes French Realism-Impressionism Painter 1823-1881
Merwart, Paul Polish Academic-Classicism Painter 1855-1902
Metcalf, Willard Leroy American Impressionism Painter 1858-1925
Metivet, Lucien French Poster Painter 1863-1932
Michelangelo Italian High Renaissance Painter 1475-1564
Mifliez (Misti), Ferdinand French Poster Painter 1865-1923 
Mignard, Pierre French Baroque Painter 1612-1695
Millais, John Everett British Pre-Raphaelites Painter 1829-1896
Miller, William Rickarby American Realism-Impressionism Painter 1818-1893
Millet, Jean-Francois French Realism-Impressionism Painter 1814-1875
Modigliani, Amedeo Italian Expressionism Painter 1884-1920
Monet, Claude French Impressionism Painter 1840-1926
Monnoyer, Jean-Baptiste French Baroque Painter 1634-1699
Moore, Albert Joseph British Academic-Classicism Painter 1841-1893
Moran, Edward  British/American Academic-Classicism Painter 1821-1901
Moran, Thomas American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1837-1926
Morgan, Frederick British Academic-Classicism Painter 1847-1927
Morisot, Berthe French Impressionism Painter 1841-1895
Mosler, Henry American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1841-1920
Muller, Moritz German Realism-Naturalism Painter 1841-1899
Munier, Emile French Academic-Classicism Painter 1840-1895
Murillo, Bartolome Esteban Spanish Baroque Painter 1617-1682
Neergaard, Hermania Sigvardine Danish Realism-Naturalism Painter 1799-1874
Nerly, Friedrich (the younger) Italian Realism-Naturalism Painter 1824-1919
Nicholls, Charles Wynee Irish Academic-Classicism Painter 1831-1903
Nigg, Josef Austrian Realism-Naturalism Painter 1782-1863
Norton, Benjamin Cam British Realism-Naturalism Painter 1835-1900
Ord, Joseph Biays American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1805-1865
Ortega, Martin Rico y Spanish Realism-Impressionism Painter 1833-1908
Pannini, Giovanni Paolo Italian Neoclassicism Painter 1400-1482 
Paoletti, Antonio Ermolao Italian Realism-Impressionism Painter 1834-1912
Pascin, Jules French Expressionism Painter 1885-1930
Paton, Sir Joseph Noel British Pre-Raphaelites Painter 1821-1901
Peale, James American Victorian-Romanticism Painter 1749-1831
Peale, Margaretta Angelica  American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1795-1882
Peale, Rembrandt American Neoclassicism Painter 1778-1860
Peale, Titian Ramsey American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1799-1881
Perrault, Leon Jean Basile French Academic-Classicism Painter 1832-1908
Perugini, Charles Edward British Victorian-Neoclassicism Painter 1839-1918
Peter, Wenzel Austrian Realism-Naturalism Painter 1745-1829
Pissarro, Camille French Pointillism Painter 1830-1903
Popova, Liubov Sergeyevna  Russian Cubism/Constructivism Painter 1889-1924
Potthast, Edward Henry  American Impressionism Painter 1857-1927
Poynter, Sir Edward John British Academic-Classicism Painter 1836-1919
Preyer, Johann Wilhelm  German Realism-Naturalism Painter 1803-1889
Prinsep, Valentine Cameron  British Pre-Raphaelites Painter 1838-1904
Raeburn, Sir Henry  British Neoclassicism Painter 1756-1823
Ramsey, Milne  American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1847-1915
Raphael, Raffaello Sanzio Italian High Renaissance Painter 1483-1520
Ream, Carducius Plantagenet  American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1837-1917
Redon, Odilon  French Symbolism Painter 1840-1916
Rembrandt, Harmenszoon van Rijn Dutch Baroque Painter 1606-1669
Remington, Frederic  American Realism-Impressionism Painter 1861-1909
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste  French Impressionism Painter 1841-1919
Renouf, Emile  French Realism-Impressionism Painter 1845-1894
Repin, Ilya  Russian Realism-Impressionism Painter 1844-1930
Richards, William Trost  American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1833-1905
Rigaud, Hyacinthe French Baroque Painter 1659-1743
Rippl-Ronai, Jozsef  Hungarian Art Nouveau Painter 1861-1930
Rixens, Jean Andre  French Realism-Impressionism Painter 1846-1924
Roejmerswaelen, Marinus van Flemish Northern Renaissance Painter 1490-1567
Roesen, Severin  German/American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1815-1872
Ronner-Knip, Henriette  Dutch Realism-Naturalism Painter 1821-1909
Roslin, Alexander Swedish Rococo Painter 1718-1793
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel  British Pre-Raphaelites Painter 1828-1882
Rousseau, Henri  French Post-Impressionism Painter 1844-1910
Rubens, Peter Paul  Flemish Baroque Painter 1577-1640
Russell, Charles Marion  American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1864-1926
Saint-Jean, Simon  French Realism-Naturalism Painter 1808-1860
Salmon, Robert  British Realism-Naturalism Painter 1775-1845
Sargent, John Singer   Biography American Impressionism Painter 1856-1925
Sassoferrato Italian Baroque Painter 1609-1685
Schiele, Egon  Austrian Expressionism Painter 1890-1918
Schlesinger, Felix German Academic-Classicism Painter 1833-1910
Scholderer, Otto  German Realism-Impressionism Painter 1834-1902
Sealy, Allen Culpeper  British Realism-Naturalism Painter 1850-1927
Seignac, Guillaume  French Academic-Classicism Painter 1870-1924
Seignac, Paul  French Realism-Impressionism Painter 1826-1904
Seurat, Georges French Pointillism Painter 1859-1891
Silva, Francis  American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1835-1886
Springer, Cornelis  Dutch Realism-Naturalism Painter 1817-1891
Stanhope, John Roddam Spencer  British Pre-Raphaelites Painter 1829-1908
Steffeck, Carl  German Academic-Classicism Painter 1818-1890
Steinlen, Theophile Alexandre French Poster Painter 1859-1923 
Stevens, Alfred Belgian Realism-Impressionism Painter 1823-1906
Stewart, Julius LeBlanc American Realism-Impressionism Painter 1855-1919
Stillman, Maria Spartali  British Pre-Raphaelites Painter 1844-1927
Stone, Marcus  British Realism-Impressionism Painter 1840-1921
Story, George Henry  American Realism-Impressionism Painter 1835-1923
Stuart, Gilbert  American Neoclassicism Painter 1783-1872
Stubbs, George Townly  British Victorian-Romanticism Painter 1724-1806
Sully, Thomas British/American Victorian-Romanticism Painter 1783-1872
Tait, Arthur Fitzwilliam  British/American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1890-1905
Thirion, Charles Victor  French Academic-Classicism Painter 1833-1878
Thompson, Jerome  American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1814-1886
Tissot, James French Victorian-Neoclassicism Painter 1836-1902
Toulmouche, Auguste  French Academic-Classicism Painter 1829-1890
Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de  French Post-Impressionism Painter 1864-1901
Towne, Charles  British Realism-Naturalism Painter 1763-1840
Trayer, Jules  French Academic-Classicism Painter 1824-1909
Trumbull, John  American Neoclassicism Painter 1756-1843 
Unterberger, Franz Richard  Austrian Realism-Impressionism Painter 1838-1902
Vallayer-Coster, Anne French Realism-Naturalism Painter 1744-1818
Vallotton, Felix  Swiss/French Post-Impressionism Painter 1865-1925
Van Beest, Albertus  Dutch Realism-Naturalism Painter 1820-1860
Van Dael, Jan Frans Flemish Realism-Naturalism  Painter 1764-1840
Vanderlyn, John  American Neoclassicism Painter 1775-1852
Van Der Velde, Willem The Younger  Dutch Baroque Painter 1633-1707
Van Doesburg, Theo  Dutch Abstract-Expressionism Painter 1883-1931
Van Eyck, Jan Flemish Northern Renaissance Painter 1395-1441
Van Gogh, Vincent  Biography Dutch Post-Impressionism Painter 1853-1890
Van Huysum, Jan  Dutch Realism-Naturalism Painter 1682-1749
Van Os, Jan  Dutch Realism-Naturalism Painter 1744-1808
Van Ruisdael, Jacob  Dutch Baroque Painter 1628-1682
Van Schendel, Petrus  Belgian Victorian-Romanticism Painter 1787-1870
Van Spaendonck, Cornelis Dutch Realism-Naturalism Painter 1756-1840
Vedder, Elihu  American Symbolism Painter 1836-1923
Velázquez, Diego  Spanish Baroque Painter 1599-1660
Vermeer, Jan  Dutch Baroque Painter 1632-1675
Verschuur, Wouterus  Danish Realism-Naturalism Painter 1812-1874
Viard, Georges  French Realism-Naturalism Painter 1831-1848
Vigée-Le Brun, Elisabeth Louise French Neoclassicism Painter 1755-1842
Voirin, Leon Joseph  French Academic-Classicism Painter 1833-1887
Von Amerling, Friedrich  Austrian Academic-Classicism Painter 1803-1887
Von Bremen, Johann Georg Meyer  German Academic-Classicism Painter 1813-1866
Von Rohden, Franz German Academic-Classicism Painter 1817-1903
Vonnoh, Robert  American Impressionism Painter 1858-1933
Wainwright, John  British Realism-Naturalism Painter 1845-1873
Waterhouse, John William British Pre-Raphaelites Painter 1849-1917
Way, Andrew John Henry  American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1826-1888
Wenzell, Albert  American Realism-Impressionism Painter 1864-1917
Whistler, James Abbott McNeill  American Realism-Impressionism Painter 1834-1903
Whittaker, John Barnard  American Realism-Impressionism Painter 1836-1926
Whittredge, Thomas Worthington  American Realism-Naturalism Painter 1820-1910
Willems, Florent  Belgian Academic-Classicism Painter 1823-1905
Winterhalter, Franz Xavier  German Academic-Classicism Painter 1805-1873
Woods, Henry  British Pre-Raphaelites Painter 1846-1921
Zinnogger, Leopold  Austrian Realism-Naturalism Painter 1811-1872
Zoffany, Johann  German/British Neoclassicism Painter 1734-1810
Zorn, Anders  Swedish Realism-Impressionism Painter 1860-1920

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